Welcome to The Blog 2.0!

Where to even begin? First off, a big fat open-armed welcome to my blog, version 2.0. *squishes you*. I had never intended for it to be offline for as long as it has, but it turned into one of those 'jobs that will get done tomorrow', and now, well over a year later I'm about to press publish and feel like a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Man, it feels good to get shit done! 

Why did I take down the old blog? Many reasons, first of which was I HATED the old design. I started the blog from scratch myself, tinkering with WordPress themes and haphazardly adding code and plugins as I needed to over the years, and in the end, it was a mess. I hired a developer to help sort it out but it was a case of throwing good money after bad; it felt like I was trying to salvage a condemned house when I really just needed to raze the whole thing to the ground and start fresh. 

I also needed to get some space from it and just focus on YouTube and my social accounts for a while. I don't mean to sound like a whiny little bitch, but just maintaining a decent Instagram account alone is a massive job, so with YouTube and Facebook on top of that, the blog was no longer a priority. 

Thirdly, I didn't relate to the title anymore. I felt pigeonholed by the name 'Sharon The Makeup Artist'. I want to be able to share all kinds of content with you on this blog; fashion, food, travel, and of course, lots of makeup, so I felt I needed to create a new space with a new name that allows me the freedom to mix things up. 

So, why am I even bothering to start again? I'm sure you've all seen that people are up in arms over the algorithm changes affecting Instagram and Facebook, and then there's the mess that is YouTube's subscription feed, and I wanted to claim back a corner of the internet that was mine; somewhere that I'm in control of. This is a central location where you can keep up with what's happening across all of my social platforms, my new videos, and of course new blog articles. I also think there are certain topics and types of content that work best written out with photographs. It's certainly easier for to crystallize my thoughts on sensitive issues by writing them out, rather than talking to camera. 


I hope you're excited about this new chapter and if you would like to keep up to date with a weekly email of all the latest posts, please sign up for my newsletter below (I promise I won't spam, I know how annoying that is). And to make it even sweeter, I'll be giving away this AMAZING prize pack of products to one lucky newsletter subscriber next week, so make sure you're in it to win it! (terms below). The prize includes:

  • Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette
  • Victoria Beckham x Estee Lauder Morning Aura Illuminating Cream
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  • Eye of Horus Mascara
  • Urban Decay Lipstick & Lip Pencil set (Firebird & Jilted)
  • 2 x Urban Decay Razor Sharp wing Liners (Push & Deep End)
  • Gorgeous Cosmetics Qiana Lip Pencil,
  • Benefit Posie Tint

Well, I'm off to write some new posts, ciao for now! 


Giveaway terms: 

I will pick a winner at random from my blog newsletter subscriber list on the 15th of October. I will notify the winner direcly via email. If you are under 18 please get permission from a parent or guardian as I will need your address to send your prize. One entry per person please! This giveaway is open worldwide :)