The Eyeshadow Palette I'm Currently Obsessing Over

Listen, I know that the last thing that any of us need right now is yet another eyeshadow palette to lust over so I'm really sorry to do this... 

I'm totally head over heels with the Garbo & Kelly Overnight Sensation Palette and if you, like me, have found a lot of the palettes launched recently to be a bit... warm... for your liking, then this might right up your alley. 

It balances warm and cool nicely, with plenty of neutral, and a decent mix of matte and shimmer. The brand was founded by a protege of Anastasia (of the Beverly Hills variety), and it could be a coincidence (I doubt it is), but the textures are very similar to ABH. Press play on the video below if you want to see this bad boy in action. 



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