I Custom Made My Own Foundation And It Was...OK

Today’s review is a little bit different because I actually formulated the product myself - kind of. Here in Australia we have a store called ‘The Lip Lab’ where you can custom blend your own lipstick to create any colour you like. You can even bring a swatch of fabric or an old discontinued lipstick, and the staff will create a lipstick that matches the colour exactly and excitingly, they're branching out into other categories of makeup too.

I was invited to the launch and lucky enough to blend my own foundation, and today, we put it to the test. I just want to mention that this is not a sponsored post. The Lip Lab are not aware that I’m doing this so rest assured this is my honest opinion.

The procedure of formulating the foundation wasn't exactly how I imagined. When I received the invite I imagined myself in a lab coat and goggles, waving a beaker over a Bunsen burner. This was not the case. First you select your base - there are a number of formulas to choose from such as oil-free, matte, hydrating and so on -  and you also choose the base colour that will later be tweaked. I was advised not to go for the matte formula (as it might break me out), so I instead chose oil-free for my very oily complexion.

Next you choose your add-ins. You can opt to pump up the coverage with more pigment or add SPF, and this is also where they fine tune the colour to match your skin exactly. They do this by adding a variety of different tints and tones, all the while testing it on your jaw until you're happy with the colour.  

There are no computers or gadgets involved; this is done by eye so there is room for human error. Ensuring a good match will be down to the skill of your staff member. The lady that helped me originally blended quite a pink tone because I naturally have a lot of pink in my skin, but I don't necessarily like that undertone in my foundation. I prefer to have a more neutral tone as it minimises the pink in my skin, so had to ask her to add more green and yellow as we swatched it.

You get 30ml of product and the cost of is $75 including your consultation. And what if you want to repurchase the same shade? Will you have to go through the whole rigmarole of blending it all over again? Thankfully not - The Lip Lab team said that  "The team do keep your formula details on file in store, and you are able to save multiple shades for different occasions be it Summer, Winter or natural skin & fake tanned skin, etc. That way you don’t need to keep formulating your foundation each time – you can just call and ask them to make up a new bottle of your old favourite."

So, what do I actually think of the product? Does it look nice? All that and more is in the video below - I hope you enjoy!