Jaw Surgery Update

I feel like I need to update you on my jaw surgery recovery because looking back at my last post about this, I seemed really down about the whole procedure. It's true that I wasn't elated to be so swollen - even though that was totally normal and expected - and I was still coming to terms with my new face, but I don't think I properly articulated the fact that I have zero regrets; it's just that I wasn't feeling great at that moment in time, only four weeks post surgery. 

At the time of writing this post I'm approximately 15 weeks post surgery and I'm feeling a lot more positive about the whole experience. The swelling has subsided significantly (although it be be completely gone until the 12 month mark) and I'm so happy with my results! Aside from the physical changes you can see, I'm sleeping better, I don't snore anymore, I can breath better when I exercise - I've had nothing but positive results. 

Press play on the video below if you want to learn more about my recovery from jaw surgery so far, and if your new around here you can read about my entire experience on my jaw surgery recovery blog here. 

Watch the video