Maybelline 3 Day Brow Tattoo Review

My eyebrows are pretty much invisible naturally and if I'm honest, I hate filling in my brows. It's the greatest chore of my daily makeup routine, so any product that promises to reduce or even eliminate the need to fill in my brows every can shut up and take my money. I already tint my brows every couple of weeks, but that only really tints the hairs, and I don't have a lot of them to begin with so I still have to draw in fake ones every day. All this is why I was very excited when the new Maybelline 3 Day Brow Tattoos landed across my desk. While they're not the first brand to release a product like this (some Asian brands have had them for a while), Maybelline is the most accessible, affordable and widely available. Having said that, it seems as though this product has only been released in the Asia Pacific region with no date confirmed for a worldwide roll-out. I'll keep you updated on that if I get more info. 

So, does it work? Well, I guess you're just going to have to watch the video to find out!



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