My Ikea Kitchen Makeover

I have such a love/hate relationship with Ikea. One of my favorite ways to unwind is with a nice cup of earl grey and a flip through the Ikea catalogue, decorating my imaginary mansion; it's like Pinterest but you can actually buy everything.
I think I like it and get ridiculously excited about visiting, but as soon as my foot steps off the escalator and lands on the showroom floor, the memories come rushing back. That time I sobbed in the kitchen department because we decided to go on a rainy public holiday with hordes of families blocking every route through the place and I couldn't find the right plates was also really hungover. The other time I checked the stock of an item online only to arrive and be told it was sold out. The other time we bought a couch and grossly underestimated the size of the box and drove home with half of it hanging out the boot of our car, gripping on for dear life (that last one was not Ikea's fault but it's still a negative association, OK?).

Paul flat out refuses to go with me any more, and I can't really blame him. He doesn't get much (any) say in what gets purchased anyway. So with him out of the picture for a week thanks to a conference in Korea, I seized my opportunity to once and for all sort out our kitchen and take a trip to the Swedish emporium of hilariously named coffee tables. 

In this video I'm taking you shopping with me, sharing the painful process of assembling, and the final, satisfying reveal. I will also just point out that we rent our house and so can't make any major changes to the place, but I'm still very happy with the transformation we achieved.