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The Face Masks That Changed My Skin (for the better)

I've become addicted to face masks (they really do work!) and in this post, I'm sharing my top picks. Committing to a routine of using a mask at least twice a week has without a doubt improved the condition of my skin. I like to rotate the masks I use depending on how my skin is feeling, so the products featured in this list cover a variety of concerns from dehydration to clogged pores.

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A PM Skincare Routine

I titled this post 'A PM Skincare Routine' as apposed to 'My PM Skincare Routine' because right now, I don't really have a routine. I get sent a lot of skincare products to try so I'm constantly testing out news stuff and swapping out this for that. Think of today's video as more a 'sample menu'; a selection of products that I think work well to remove a full face of makeup and prepare my skin bed...

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