The Longwear Foundation that Actually Lasts

a foundation that lasts on oily skin.jpg

The road to finding the perfect long-wear foundation is long and littered with the carcasses of products that didn't live up to the claims. But today, we celebrate a small victory. I have (thanks to your recommendations) found a foundation that actually lasts on my oily skin, and it's almost perfect. I am of course talking about the Smashbox Studio Skin, a 15 hour wear hydrating foundation (their words, not mine) with medium coverage, a very matte finish and incredible longevity. 

Here's what I love about this foundation:

  • It's lasts
  • The coverage is just right for my taste
  • The shade range is great and 0.5 is a perfect match for my natural skin tone

And here's what's not so great...

  • It's prone to cake - it sets incredibly fast so you need to blend at full speed
  • It's very matte - almost a little too matte (for my taste) and looks quite dry 

So without further ado, let's get on with the video so you can see exactly how the Smashbox Studio Skin Foundation applies and lasts on my ridiculously oily skin. Enjoy!

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