The Ordinary Coverage Foundation Review on VERY Oily Skin

Oh boy. I had high hopes for The Ordinary Coverage Foundation but I think you can probably gather from the thumbnail below, this didn't stand a chance against my ridiculously oily skin. When it launched, the hype about this product was so intense I found it was constantly out of stock, so it's taken me the guts of a year to get my hands on one. Although, I didn't try that hard to find it if I'm honest...

Most foundations struggle to hold it together on the oleaginous plains of my face, but this one was particularly bad. It had such a strong start! Delivering a gorgeous natural medium coverage, barely detectable on the skin. One hour later and it was exhibiting symptoms of foundation heading for a meltdown. By hour 6, this had well and truly dissolved, gathering in strange rings around my pores and wiping clean off at the gentlest of touches. 

Thank goodness it was only $12.90 AUD, but still a disappointment after all the positive reviews I'd seen. Press play on the video below to see exactly how this foundation reacted to the grease trap that is my face. And scroll down if you want to see more foundation reviews. 


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